The Bona Bubble: A Blessing and a Curse

Whenever someone refers to the “bona bubble,” I can’t help but imagine Sandy Cheeks’ home in Bikini Bottom and all of us crammed under it.

sandy's home

Bonaventure has a very close-knit community on and off campus. Right now I believe Bonas has roughly around 2,300 undergrad and grad students living on or around campus. I myself live in a house in the town of Allegany, about two minutes away from campus.

As you can imagine, when the weather starts to change and the air gets a little colder, everyone starts to feel that little annoying scratch in their throat and that even more annoying runny nose. I’m sure this happens at every college or university, but the rate at which sickness spreads at Bonaventure is actually kind of scary.

Last year I lived in an apartment with five other girls. During the winter, the stomach flu started going around and I kid you not, the sickness spread through my apartment like wildfire. We each shared a room with one other girl, and the flu literally went down the line of rooms. I was the last to get hit, but you better bet your ass I got sick.

I’m writing about this because I’m currently sick with a cold. A sore, scratchy throat, a runny nose, a headache- the whole package. What’s worse is almost everyone I know is also sick, so it’s like we are just one big pool of gross sick people and we all live not five minutes away from each other. Are you picturing the Black Death that struck during the Middle Ages? Because I am. It’s gross, and no one is safe! Just take your meds, drink some tea and take lots of naps. That’s what I do!

By the way, whose idea was it to create a squirrel from Texas in an astronaut suit  and a talking yellow sponge that lives in a pineapple and make them best friends that live under the ocean? Genius.


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