Pros and Cons of Having a House off Campus

Living off campus has its many pros and cons, as one can imagine. As a freshman and sophomore, I always looked forward to one day moving into a house in town, living with my best friends, having house parties and being close enough to walk home from the bar without freezing my ass off. Last year, as a sophomore, I lived in an apartment with five other girls. However, the apartment was still considered on campus, and I still had a roommate and a meal plan. So it wasn’t the real deal.

This year I live in a house, most know it as the “Doll House, ” with five of my best friends here at Bonas. How awesome does that sound? Six girls living under one roof having the time of their lives as upperclassman college students. And for the most part, it is awesome! When we have house parties here, I get to do two of my favorite things in the whole world- boss people around and kick people out of my house. The best part is asking the freshmen who try to come in questions like , “Who do you know here?” and watching them panic because they don’t actually know me or any of my roommates. Is that evil? Maybe, but I had to go through it as a freshman so I think I’ve earned my right to be a brat. Besides having parties, I also love the nights where my roommates and I all snuggle into the couches in our family room and watch T.V., or when we all dance around like idiots in our kitchen to Justin Bieber’s new hit single.

Now, as glamorous as this all seems, there are also plenty of cons about living in a house with six girls that I can list off the top of my head. First of all, our kitchen is never clean for more than an hour. We let our kitchen get pretty gross before one of us decides we can’t stand it anymore and gets elbow deep in kitchen grease and God knows what else. One time, I spent almost two hours on that damn kitchen and I kid you not, an hour later there were already dishes in the sink and crumbs on the ground. Also, we don’t have the luxury of a cleaning staff like we did when we were on campus, so our bathrooms get pretty gross as well. Let me just repeat myself… six girls, two bathrooms. Disgusting.

Funny story actually- one time at one of our parties someone must have decided that our bathroom needed a good cleaning because I woke up the next morning to find my face wash splattered all over my bathroom walls. Like I wasn’t aware that it was that gross but thanks so much for taking the initiative to clean my bathroom, drunk kids. Thanks so much.

I bitch a lot about how disgusting my house gets and how people are so disrespectful at parties and do shit like finger paint with my face wash, or punch three holes in our wall, or steal our patio furniture, or pick a traffic cone up off the street and hide it in our family room, (all of this is true, by the way)- but in all honesty, I love my house and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. Well actually I’d probably fix the holes in the walls.

holes in the wall


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