We’re Being Inspirational Today

It’s so funny how our perspectives on age change throughout our lifetimes. I remember being 10 years old and thinking, “Once I’m 16, I’ll be able to do whatever I want because I’ll be able to drive a car and I’ll be an adult.” Once I turned 16 I thought, “Ok I’m definitely not an adult yet, but I will be once I turn 18.” Once I turned 18… well you get the picture. I remember thinking as a child that people who were 20 years old were basically half dead they were so old. However, now that I’m 20, I know my life is just beginning. I definitely have mixed feelings about graduating from my teenage years. I’m stuck between getting mad when my parents don’t treat me as an adult, but also getting mad when my mom makes me schedule my own doctors appointments.

It’s kind of like I want you to treat me like an adult, but I don’t want you to expect me to do any grown up things. Give me a credit card because I’m responsible enough to manage my own bank account, but still pay for my groceries and hair appointments. Let me live in a house with my five best friends in the town of Allegany, but still pay for my Wifi and phone bills. Don’t hound me on my school work but still send me money for getting good grades. The list goes on.

I love having the freedom to do as I please and make my own decisions without my parents watching my every move, but I don’t necessarily think I’m ready to live completely on my own without the help from my family. It totally freaks me out that in the next two years I will be graduating from St. Bonaventure University. I’ll be graduating college in a year and a half. WHAT?! I swear to god yesterday it was 2009 and I was just starting high school.

My little sister is almost 15 years old and just finishing up her freshman year in high school. It’s funny to watch her stress about the exact same things I used to stress about; things that in the long run have absolutely no importance. The best advice I can give to her and all of the other young women and men just starting their teenage years is to relax. You know that party that everyone else got invited to that your invitation was tragically lost in the mail? Forget about it. Have your own damn party. You know that boy/girl that you thought liked you but ended up just being a jerk? Screw them.You’ll find someone else. You know that girl that seems nice to your face but talks shit about you behind your back? She’s honestly just jealous. Throw her a dirty look, maybe even flick her off, but move on with your day. She’s not worth it.  Keep your head up because it’s REALLY not that serious.

I remember being 15 and thinking that every bad grade, every frenemy fight and every broken heart was the end of the world. It’s funny looking back now at my high school years and realizing that all of that heart ache really did mean nothing (except for the fact that it made me into the woman that I am today). Now I’m not saying I am an expert on life now that I’ve graduated high school. I’m sure I have a long ways to go. I’m sure five years from now I’ll look back at my life and think, “what in the world was I thinking.” But that’s what’s so great about life. We are all always changing and evolving and nobody really ever knows what the hell they’re doing. We’re all just doing our best to survive and thrive.So live life to the fullest and screw anyone who tries to bring you down.  How inspirational, right?


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